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Work. When you need it.

FaceTemps puts you in control by giving you an easy way to connect directly with Employers who are looking for qualified temporary dental professionals.

  • Set your rate
  • Set your available hours
  • Instantly update online
  • Search, view, and message Practices
  • State Dental license Verification and expiration notification
  • Profile photo
  • Youtube Video Bio
  • NOW notifications
  • Power Hours notifications
  • Job Confirmation 48 and 24 Hours in Advance
  • FREE in-app Messaging
Simpler. Easier. Faster.

How It Works

  • Create your FREE profile.
  • Set your rate and availability.
  • Search jobs, receive notifications of matches, and apply for the jobs you want.
  • Message directly with Employers.
  • Accept jobs and start working.

  • Register your Practice.
  • Choose the affordable plan that fits your needs.
  • Post jobs.
  • Search, and message qualified candidates.
  • Hire and get back to work.

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Set your own rate

You can set your own base pay rate rather than have your rate dictated by an agency.

Set your available hours

Temporary placement doesn’t have to mean no placement because you can clearly set the hours you are available to be scheduled.

Instantly update online.

When your schedule changes unexpectedly, you can instantly update your availability to match your life.

State Dental License tracking and expiration notification.

FaceTemps will actively cross-reference your State Dental License for verification and let you know when expiration is imminent.

Negotiated rates

Broker your own rates during the match-making process for the ultimate flexibility.

Text communication with Employer

Secure, encoded, and unlimited, in-app messaging allows you to quickly communicate worry-free with potential Employers. FaceTemps actively validates all Professionals and Employers phone numbers to make sure nothing gets in the way of a great connection.

Top ranking in Employer searches

Top rated professionals will display before basic members any relevant search.

 Profile photo

Stand out from the crowd by including a profile photo that showcases your own professional smile!

 Exclusive NOW Alerts

Choose to receive alerts for positions that become available with 24 hours notice or less within 50 miles of your home!

Power Hour Time Slots

Work short shifts at a higher rate.  Working under 4 hour slots allows you to cover peak demand or unique needs for short time slots when Employers are willing to pay you more.

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